BDC to Broadway: Drew King of “On The 20th Century”

Former BDC Front Desk Manager, Drew King, made the “leap” (well, really just a 0.3 mile walk) from Broadway Dance Center to Broadway—starring in On the 20th Century at 42nd Street’s American Airlines… Continue reading

BDC Works: Greg Zane

If you like to get your early morning ballet fix, you’ve probably found yourself in Greg Zane’s 9am class at Broadway Dance Center. But over the past year, Greg’s been in and out… Continue reading

BDC Works: Amber Paul

Amber Paul is not only one of Broadway Dance Center’s most beloved teachers; she is also celebrated for taking everyone’s class—from ballet and tap to theatre and hip-hop! Amber (or “Paul” as she… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Jagadish Kumar

“I’ll be opening up my own dance school in India after I complete the International Student Visa Program. I hope to be more confidant and knowledgeable not only as a dancer, but also… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Jennifer Svensson

” The International Student Visa Program is amazing! My goal while I am here is to learn how to express myself and be a better person.” Jennifer Svensson Age: 26 From: Sweden

Faces of BDC: Carmen Quintana Gómez

“Dance is a hobby for me. I am here to learn different styles and have fun! When I return to Spain I will continue to dance, but I will also study at a… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Rebeca Del Santo O’Neill

“I started dancing in Spain when I was 3 years old because my mother was a dance teacher and choreographer. I thought why not come to the most well-known dance school in NYC… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Dan Coombs

” Broadway Dance Center has really taken me to the next level as a dancer. The teachers are so kind and supportive. My mentors have been Yuka Kawazu and Ginger Cox. Yuka is… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Keelia Stuart

“My goal is to dance professionally. It would be really cool to travel as a dancer, choreographer, or for a company. Something that involves seeing the world and dancing.” Keelia Stuart Age: 25… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Sara Mörk

“I love BDC and I love New York! It’s the city of opportunity and dreams. It’s the best place to be in the world.” Sara Mörk Age: 22 From: Sweden