BDC Works: Amber Paul

Amber Paul is not only one of Broadway Dance Center’s most beloved teachers; she is also celebrated for taking everyone’s class—from ballet and tap to theatre and hip-hop! Amber (or “Paul” as she… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Jagadish Kumar

“I’ll be opening up my own dance school in India after I complete the International Student Visa Program. I hope to be more confidant and knowledgeable not only as a dancer, but also… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Jennifer Svensson

” The International Student Visa Program is amazing! My goal while I am here is to learn how to express myself and be a better person.” Jennifer Svensson Age: 26 From: Sweden

Faces of BDC: Carmen Quintana Gómez

“Dance is a hobby for me. I am here to learn different styles and have fun! When I return to Spain I will continue to dance, but I will also study at a… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Rebeca Del Santo O’Neill

“I started dancing in Spain when I was 3 years old because my mother was a dance teacher and choreographer. I thought why not come to the most well-known dance school in NYC… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Dan Coombs

” Broadway Dance Center has really taken me to the next level as a dancer. The teachers are so kind and supportive. My mentors have been Yuka Kawazu and Ginger Cox. Yuka is… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Keelia Stuart

“My goal is to dance professionally. It would be really cool to travel as a dancer, choreographer, or for a company. Something that involves seeing the world and dancing.” Keelia Stuart Age: 25… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Sara Mörk

“I love BDC and I love New York! It’s the city of opportunity and dreams. It’s the best place to be in the world.” Sara Mörk Age: 22 From: Sweden

BDC Works: Richard Hinds

Born and raised in Norwalk, Connecticut, Richard J. Hinds began dancing at his aunt’s and uncle’s studio at a young age. His mother wanted him to head to college after high school, but… Continue reading

Faces of BDC: Eva Esterbrook

Introducing Faces of BDC! Broadway Dance Center is truly a melting pot of people from all over the world. We think it’s important to learn where they’re from, why they’re here, and who… Continue reading